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Big THANKS to our PapasPillows.com team for ending 2016 with over 8,000 OZ  and so far in  2017 we have donated over 200 OZ of mothers milk for babies in need! Contact us for details. Click on the "contact us" link above for more details.

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Here at PapasPillows.com we offer a few different selections of inter changeable materials.

*(Cotton) Calico is plain-woven textile made of unbleached and often not fully processed cotton.


  *Will NOT bunch
  *Smooth Consistency
  *Recycled Material

Hello! Welcome to PapasPillows.com and thank you for visiting my site.  My name is Dante Ecker, I am the founder and owner of PapasPillow(s).  The sleepy little baby you see in all the photos is mine and was actually my inspiration to create this product.  I am the loving father of this beautiful baby and three others all born and raised in Colorado, ranging in age from 4 months to 10 years old.  Yes, 4 children and each one has inspired me in their different ways to strive to be a better father every day! Life gets really busy for me and I have to admit it even feels a bit chaotic at times juggling a full time job, children in school, sports, after school programs, teaching Sunday school for fifth/sixth graders and just dealing with the general realities of “life”.  Funny thing is, I love it.  I am happier than ever and with my last little angel I realized how important it is to create a strong bond from the beginning of a little one’s life by loving, comforting, teaching, playing, and protecting her.  All of my thoughts and actions have gone towards making the life of my newborn easier and safer right from the start.  

Since newborns have very weak necks which need constant support during early development I used my newly found motivation and decided one day to go to the store and buy the materials to create the first ever PapasPillow(s).  The idea was simple, make a baby pillow for the area between my chest and the baby’s to provide comfort, support, and protection as a mother does with her natural breast.  The results ended up being extraordinary and completely unexpected!  My baby was able to lay flat on my chest with total comfort and before I knew it she fell into a deep slobbery sleep, just as she did while laying on her mother’s breast.

Over a short period of time the pillow was seen by others while in use and questions were asked.  Friends (men and women), grandfathers, grandmothers, aunts and uncles all wanted to try it.  Each one was amazed at the comfort and ease of the pillow while snuggling the baby close to their chest.  As I explained the idea behind the pillow an instant a message emerged,  “YOU HAVE TO GET THIS OUT THERE FOR OTHER FATHERS AND MOTHERS! It would be a great baby shower gifts” Hence, we have created a way to allow others to enjoy the benefits of PapasPillow(s)!  As time went on and the use of the pillow increased my design and idea matured into a common baby gear must have item!  PapasPillow(s) caters to the most basic needs of any infant; support for the neck, cushion for comfort and protection from harmful jewelry such as necklaces, piercings, etc.

Currently this unique baby gifts idea is Patent(s) Pending and has captured the eyes and hearts of many fathers and mothers providing a lightweight, compact, comfortable baby body pillow.  It has proven to be so popular that even grandparents and great grandparents have benefited from owning a PapasPillow(s).  The COTTON TEETHER is a great addition to the design and in my experience a life saver, offering comfort to your teething bundle of joy.  I truly appreciate my pillow and from one father to another I proudly offer my pillow.  Enjoy!

*ALL (Except for 1) of the MATERIALS come from trusted American Arts and Craft Stores. The one exception is an Australian manufacturer whose product contains no B.P.A, lead or harmful chemicals.

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